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Breaking news!

SiliconValleyScrum is proud to announce a New family of Scrum Certifications

We have developed a new five-level certification scheme designed to accurately represent the recipient's knowledge and skill with the Scrum Framework.

Here is the series:

  • Basic Scrum Certification series. (Verifies knowledge of the Agile Manifesto and the Scrum Guide, roughly equivalent to the ISI Scrum Certifications).
    • Basic Scrum Master (BSM)
    • Basic Scrum Product Owner (BSPO)
    • Basic Scrum Developer (BSD)
    Click here for more information about the Basic Scrum Certification series.
    • Advanced Scrum Certification series. (Verifies advanced knowledge of Scrum Theory. More challenging than the "Professional Scrum level I series from
      • Advanced Scrum Master (ASM)
      • Advanced Scrum Product Owner (ASPO)
      • Advanced Scrum Developer (ASD)
    Click here for more information about the Advanced Scrum Certification series.
    • Journeyman Scrum Certification series. (A combination of Advanced Scrum proficiency with Scrum Theory plus validated skill in putting Scrum into practice in the field).
      • Journeyman Scrum Master (JSM)
      • Journeyman Scrum Product Owner (JSPO)
      • Journeyman Scrum Developer (JSD)
    Click here for more information about the Journeyman Scrum Certification series.
    • Master of the Scrum Framework (MSF). The holder of this certification is qualified to teach the Scrum Framework to Basic and Advanced level certification candidates, and to perform the Field Validations needed to earn the Journeyman level certifications
    Click here for more information about the Master of the Sccrum Framework Certification.
    • Doctor of Scrum (DS). The holder of this certification is qualified to teach the Scrum Framework to candidates for Master of the Scrum Framework and Doctor of Scrum certifications.
    Click here for more information about the Doctor of Scrum Certification.

    Click on to access the testing site.

    If you want to learn the Scrum Framework, the Jira Project Tracking tool or both...
    We have a unique training program for Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner beginners that combines comprehensive classroom training, certification preparation and hands on experience developing real software.

    We also have the only available training program specifically geared towards preparing for 2nd level Scrum assessments, such as the Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II) administered by

    We also offer beginning and advanced Jira courses, along with Product Management training.

    Wherever possible, we are developing Live Online versions of our courses so that students who do not live near Silicon Valley can also learn with us.

    Note: Scholarships are available for unemployed students.

    Click on information for students for more information.

    If you represent a not-for-profit organization...
    We wish to give our students experience creating real software for real customers. Therefore, we are constantly on the lookout for projects we can do pro-bono for worthy causes! During the past two years we've undertaken software projects to help children with cancer, environmental activism, a large medical center in San jose, Ca., an organization benefiting foster children, and many others.

    Click on information for not-for-profits to submit a project for us to work on.

    If you have technical software development skills and you wish to volunteer for a worthy cause...
    We primarily teach Scrum Masters and Scrum Product Owners. We usually rely on volunteers to make up the Scrum teams they lead. The volunteers get valuable work experience that can be shown on a resume, job references, and the personal satisfaction that comes from helping a worthy cause in a unique way. Many developers volunteer over and over to work on project after project.

    Click on information for volunteers to learn more and (hopefully) sign up!.

    If you are or represent an Employer...
    Our goal is not just to prepare our students to take and pass tests. We throw them into the "deep end" by having them work through the hardest part of any Scrum Team's life. They are given a novel project and a team of developers who have never worked together before. Their job is to make sense of the situation and build up teamwork fast enough to deliver working software in only 4-6 weeks. During this baptism of fire they deal with real-world problems such as personality conflicts, unrealistic expectations, clients changing their minds and having to figure out how to deliver real value.

    Graduates of this program have more than just a piece of paper saying they are "certified". They have knowledge and judgement that can only come from having done Scrum rather than simply hearing lectures about it. ,

    Click on information for employers to find out how to take advantage of the Scrum talent our list of graduates contains.